Clean Products

Our Clean Production Facilities under Phase II Expansion are capable of providing total solutions and specialty products for Pharmaceutical, Consumer Products and Electronic Chemical industries.

Moritmatsu group of companies has more than 30 years of recognized track record in providing high value-added products from core equipment, including upstream and downstream process systems, to modular buildings for clients in life sciences and consumer goods industries.


Project location: Switzerland
Delivered time: 2022

Highlight:One of the biggest bioreactor systems globally

Compliant with:FDA GMP, EMA GMP, ASME BPE
Scope:Design, fabrication, FAT, transportation
Scale: Upstream bioreactor, media preparation, downstream purification, buffer preparation

Consumer Product

75 super modules
2 months completion of site installation

Project location:Dubai
Product type:Personal care
Project scope:Mixing system, pipe racks, raw materials processing system, ventilation system

Modular Plant

Project location:Casablanca
Delivered time:2022
Modular size:~10000㎡

• Scope:3 filling workshops, 3 packing workshops and QC laboratory
• Scope:design, fabrication, FAT, transportation, site-installation, commissioning and qualification (IQ/OQ)
• Aseptic filling of more than 20 vaccines
• Total production expected to reach 116 million doses in 2023
• 10 months handover - OQ completion