Core Process & Pressure Equipment

Morimatsu Dialog (Malaysia) specialized in high-end Pressure Vessels, Reactors, Columns, Heat Exchangers and key equipment in industries and fields such as refinery, petrochemical & chemical complex, PVC, PTA, hydrometallurgy, BDO, PDH, and FPSO. Our qualified teams are capable of handling Stainless Steel, Cr Mo, Duplex, Clad, Alloys and other sophisticated materials.

PTA Oxidation Reactor


PVC Polymerizer

Mat.:SA-537 CL1+316L
Size:Φ4,500×8,000 × (24+3)mm

HPAL Equipment

Including autoclave, preheater, flash drum, etc.
Mat.:SA516.70 + SB265.Gr17
Size:Φ5,300×43,000 × (120+8)mm

Double Tube Sheet

Heat Exchanger
Mat.: 316L / SA516 Gr.70